Our Technology

Data driven responsive web sites

Most Lao people use a mobile device to access the web. It is vital that your web site can dynamically change content to cope with the wide range of devices in use.

TekLao can deliver anything from a page of data on a Joomla web site to a complex hand crafted mobile friendly application.

Before release we check that the site is optimised across a range of browsers and from a small handset to the largest PC screen.

Secure Web Sites

TekLao have years of experience in online security and can provide 2 factor login solutions to keep your data secure.

Username and password alone is not enough to secure systems where a government department or business is accessing sensitive data over the internet.

TekLao will integrate a time-based access code that is synchronised and unique to each users phone. They simply open an Authenticator App on the phone and enter the number displayed.

Graphical Data

Unleash the power of HTML 5 to present your data graphically in interactive charts.

Geo-mapped Data

Dynamically plot your data on OpenMaps, GoogleMaps or BingMaps.

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Connected Systems

Use the power of web services to query and securely share data across systems, whether they are inside or outside of your organisation.

Data become much more valuable when shared. When data is shared between organisations it reduces clerical effort and improves the quality of the data.

An example of this is the sharing of enterprise and tax registration data between the Taxation Department in the Ministry of Finance, and the Department of Enterprise Registration Management in the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

TekLao consultants have 10 years experience in building government and enterprise grade web services using XML/SOAP which can be secured using the WS-Security protocol stack if required.